The Ike Foundation Youth/High School Tournament Trail

The Ike Foundation has created a tournament trail to specifically target youth ranging in ages from 8-13 and 14-18 (must be in school) that haven’t been exposed to this type of fishing environment. All youths are welcome to sign up for one or all events, regardless of skill level.

Each tournament will take place on a different body of water on a boat. We have teamed up with local Bass clubs to volunteer their time and their boat for individuals who may not have a boat to use. Spots are limited due to the number of volunteers for each event.

*Boat capacity will be one (1) adult captain and up to two (2) youth anglers.

May 18, 2024, Lums Pond

June 22, 2024, Union Lake

September 7, 2024, Cooper River

Tournament sign-ups are: 1 event – $20 OR 3 events – $50

2024 Tournament Trail Official Entry Form

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2024 Boat Captain Official Entry Form

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Youth Fishing Tournament Trail FAQs


Where do I find the rules?


Does my child need to bring their own equipment?

Yes, each child brings their own equipment to each event. We suggest a couple of rods and reels along with a handful of baits that your child is comfortable with. The boat captains will sometimes lend equipment if they feel they have a specific bait that could help your child to catch more fish but this is not guaranteed. If your child does not have any equipment and would like to apply for our Equipment Scholarship they can do so on the sign-up page on our website. They will need to write a brief letter of why they need the equipment and one letter of recommendation. Youth Trail Entry Form


What does my child need to bring the day of the event?

Each Angler should come with their own rods, reels and tackle along with plenty of beverages and snacks to get them through the day. Sunscreen, hats and sunglasses are highly recommended. Rain gear is also a good idea if there is a chance of rain.


Are these events rain or shine?

Yes! We will fish in the rain as long as there is no thunder and lightning.


Who will my child be fishing with?

If you do not have your own boat then your child will be placed on a boat with another parent and their child or one of our vetted and background checked volunteers. We try to make sure each boat has two youth anglers so the anglers can learn from one another.


How long do these events run and do I need to stick around?

Our events launch at 6am or 7am depending on the time of year of the event. We ask everyone to arrive 30-45mins before launch so we can get everyone paired up and discuss the rules before the launch. We typically end our fishing day between noon and 1pm. The weigh in will happen as soon as we get the boats out of the water. Parents do not need to stay in the parking lot while your child is fishing. We do ask that if you leave you give the tournament director your number in case of emergency.

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