Ike’s AmBASSadors Program

By signing up to become an Ike’s AmBASSador, you are agreeing to help youth learn about the sport of fishing. Please only fill out the form if you are willing to volunteer and/or carry out an event. The Ike Foundation’s goal is to have Ike Approved Programs run across the country. The only way we can do this is with YOUR HELP!

Program Guidelines are available for each event. If you would like to hold an Ike’s Approved AmBASSador Event, please contact [email protected].

There are two different types of programs that can be held:

Small AmBASSador Event

During this event, a small group (between 10-15 children) will learn the basics of fishing. This will include knot tying, casting, and the regulations and ethics of fishing. At the conclusion of this event, children will be able to use their new skills to go fishing.

Large AmBASSador Event

This event is set up like a tournament for a large group (100-200 children). During this event, children are grouped according to age and can spend several hours fishing. Volunteers will measure each catch and at the end of the day, awards will be given to children in each age group depending on total length caught.

Ike’s AmBASSadors Registration

Register to become an Ike AmBassador, impact children and help introduce them to the wonderful sport of fishing.

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