Stock A Lake

Eight ponds and lakes (including Hillside Park Pond and Smithmill Pond) throughout Delaware were stocked with bluegill and largemouth bass.

Veterans Park Pond in Jenks, OK – bass, bluegill and trout

Daretown Lake in Upper Pittsgrove, NJ – bass and bluegill

Anthony Campanella Park in Vineland, NJ – bass and bluegill

Haddon Lake in Mount Ephram, NJ – bass, bluegill and catfish

AFTCO’s Bank Clean Initiative

The Ike Foundation is proud to be working with AFTCO on their Bank Bag Incentive which focuses on removing trash from community lakes and waterways in an effort to clean up the habitat and preserve the health of those local fisheries.

Delaware Waterfront Cleanup

The Ike Foundation partnered with the Delaware Estuary to help clean up along the Delaware River waterfront. We were able to help remove about 1,250 pounds of trash.

Conservation | The Ike Foundation

#StockALake Campaign

Conservation lies at the heart of The Ike Foundation®’s mission. Through the Stock A Lake Campaign and Program, we strive to replenish and enhance aquatic ecosystems by sourcing funds from diverse channels to effectively “Stock A Lake.” Our approach involves engaging our social media community to suggest lakes for restoration, collaborating with local conservation experts to assess each lake’s ecology, and partnering with nearby fisheries to introduce appropriate fish species at optimal times of the year.

In 2022, our efforts saw the successful stocking of three lakes: Daretown Lake in Daretown, NJ, South Park Lake in Vineland, NJ, and Veteran Park Lake in Jenks, Oklahoma.

At Daretown Lake and South Park Lake, located in Elmer and Vineland, NJ respectively, we introduced 150 Bass and Blue Gill to enrich the local aquatic biodiversity.

Furthermore, through the generosity of our supporters, particularly during our Giving Tuesday campaign, we raised funds to stock Veteran Park Lake in Jenks, OK. This initiative resulted in the introduction of 275 Bass and Blue Gill to rejuvenate the lake’s ecosystem.

Our commitment to fostering a passion for the outdoors among children and families remains unwavering. Through collaborative efforts and the invaluable support of our partners and donors, The Ike Foundation® continues to make strides in conservation by stocking numerous lakes, thus ensuring the preservation of these vital natural habitats for generations to come.

For more details, you can read the news story covering the stocking of Veterans Park Lake in Jenks, OK, available here: