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The Ike Foundation will consider requests from civic organizations, youth organizations, and other non-profits. Ideally, the relationship will help educate youth about the outdoors, wildlife management and sustainability, particularly as it relates to the sport of fishing. Ideal donation recipients would help equip youth anglers, particularly in more urban areas.

*We cannot fulfill requests asking for items for auction baskets or raffle items.  Donations should be used for children’s fishing events…start their love for fishing!

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Over the years, The Ike Foundation has assisted dozens of groups and organizations around the country. Click on a marker to see where!

The Mission of The Ike Foundation® is to involve more kids in the wholesome sport of fishing and instill in them a love of the sport and the outdoors. We are unable to provide autographed or other items for events outside of this mission. Unfortunately, we cannot supply items to every benefit or fundraiser due to the sheer number of worthy causes. Before contacting the Foundation, please take a moment to note that funding requests are only available to those that align with our mission and objectives. ‘Mike Iaconelli’ and ‘Ike’ branded items are available for purchase in the Mike Iaconelli Shop

While we sincerely appreciate the amazing fans and The Ike Foundation® supporters, we are dedicated to carrying out our mission and unable to fulfill the countless requests for personal meetings, autographs, appearances, and motivational speeches by Mike Iaconelli. We are also unable to arrange for personal visits or business ventures unrelated to our Foundation. Requests of this type and fan mail should be addressed to PO Box 970 Elmer NJ 08318 or [email protected] as we do not forward email or personal mail. We appreciate your understanding and support as we strive to accomplish our mission.

Donations Are Reviewed Quarterly

Please give enough time from when your event is and when you submit your request.

*If you are requesting more than 25 rods/reels, please submit your request no later than January 31.


January 1st to March 31st

Review Date: April 15th


April 1st to June 30th

Review Date: July 15th


July 1st to September 30th

Review Date: October 15th


October 1st to December 31st

Review Date: January 15th