Hook Em Early Gloucester City 2024

Ike's Hook 'Em Early
Hook'em Early Kids fishing tournament | The Ike Foundation

Ike’s Hook’em Early Kids Fishing Tournament was held at Martins Lake in Gloucester City, NJ. 100 kids registered for this free event and received a Flambeau tacklebox, a pack of Wangler’s worms and an Abu Garcia Ike Dude rod combo if they had no previous fishing rod.

They arrived to the lake eager to get their chance to catch a fish! This event was held tournament style, with 3 different age groups (6 yrs old and under, 7-11 & 12-15). Each catch was documented by our helpful volunteers and awards were decided based on total length of their fish caught.

During our tournament, many of the parents and volunteers pitched in with the Ike Foundation® team’s conservation efforts, partnering with AFTCO’s Bank Bag program and brought in discarded trash they found around the lake.

Awards for each age group:

Age 6 and under:
1 – Colton Zuccarelli….33”
2 – Jassie StBernard…3.5”
3 – Jacob Ellis…2”

Age 7-11:
1 – Kai Reader…45.25”
2 – Addison Foote…26.5”
3 – Cooper Smith…22”

Age 12-15:
1 – Roman Mahler…37.5”
2 – Ethan McCormick…31.75”
3 – Khazion Hudgias…22.25”

Our Never Give Up award went to Sean Houser!!!

At the end of the tournament, the children were able to keep their new fishing gear in hopes that they would continue their fishing journey!

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